RealmPluginParams interface

The parameters of a plugin declaration. THe best way to understand what each one does is to examine the source code of the existing plugins.


export interface RealmPluginParams<Spec extends AnySystemSpec, Params extends object> 


applyParamsToSystem?(realm: TypedRealm<SystemAndDependencies<Spec>>, props: Params) => void(Optional) The callback is executed every time the react component is re-rendered.
dependencies?string[](Optional) The ids of the plugins that this plugin depends on. The plugin will not be activated if any of the dependencies is not present.
idstringThe id of the plugin. Used to declare conditional features that are activated only if the plugin is present.
init?(realm: TypedRealm<SystemAndDependencies<Spec>>, params: Params, pluginIds: string[]) => void(Optional) Executed when the component mounts. Use this to register import/export visitors, add lexical nodes to the editor, etc.
systemSpecSpecThe system spec of the plugin. Construct one using system().