Basic Formatting

In its bare form, MDXEditor supports only the most basic formatting - bold, italic, underline, and inline code. It's enough to write a simple text, but not much more. Several plugins allow the users to create a document structure and apply semantic formatting.


The Headings plugin enables the usage of markdown headings which translate to H1 - H6 in HTML.

import { MDXEditor, headingsPlugin } from '@mdxeditor/editor'

;<MDXEditor markdown="# Hello world" plugins={[headingsPlugin()]} />


The Quote plugin enables the usage of quotes that translate to blockquote in HTML.

import { quotePlugin , MDXEditor } from '@mdxeditor/editor'

const markdown = "> This is a quote"

<MDXEditor markdown={markdown} plugins={[quotePlugin()]} />


The Lists plugin enables the usage of ordered, unordered, and checklists, including multiple levels of nesting.

import { listsPlugin, MDXEditor } from '@mdxeditor/editor'

const markdown = `
  * Item 1
  * Item 2
  * Item 3
    * nested item

  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2

<MDXEditor markdown={markdown} plugins={[listsPlugin()]} />

Thematic Break

The Thematic Break plugin enables the usage of thematic breaks which translate to hr in HTML.

import { thematicBreakPlugin, MDXEditor } from '@mdxeditor/editor'

const markdown = `



<MDXEditor markdown={markdown} plugins={[thematicBreakPlugin()]} />