The image plugin lets users insert images from the web or their local device. The images are inserted using the markdown image syntax, or, if height and width are set, using the HTML img tag. Users can also paste and drop multiple images at once. Optionally, the plugin accepts image URL auto-complete suggestions, and an upload handler that should handle the upload of the pasted and dropped images to a server.

The InsertImage toolbar button lets users insert an image from a URL. When the button is clicked, a dialog is shown, where the user can enter the URL of the image or upload one. If the plugin is configured with image URL auto-complete suggestions, they will be shown as the user types.

  markdown="Hello world"
      imageUploadHandler: () => {
        return Promise.resolve('')
      imageAutocompleteSuggestions: ['', '']
    toolbarPlugin({ toolbarContents: () => <InsertImage /> })

Pasting and dropping images

The editor handles dropping and pasting images and clipboard contents that contain images. To handle that, you need to upload the image to a location of your choice and return the URL of the uploaded image. This is done through the imageUploadHandler parameter of the imagePlugin. The parameter accepts a function that receives a File object and returns a Promise that resolves to the URL of the uploaded image.

async function imageUploadHandler(image: File) {
  const formData = new FormData()
  formData.append('image', image)
  // send the file to your server and return
  // the URL of the uploaded image in the response
  const response = await fetch('/uploads/new', {
    method: 'POST',
    body: formData
  const json = (await response.json()) as { url: string }
  return json.url

;<MDXEditor markdown="Hello world" plugins={[imagePlugin({ imageUploadHandler })]} />

Image resizing

The built-in markdown image syntax does not support explicit image dimensions. To work around that, the image plugin resorts to serializing images as HTML img tags with width and height attributes if the user resizes an image or if the markdown input includes an img tag with those attributes set.

const markdown = `

Image without dimensions:


Image with dimensions:

<img src="" width="100" height="150" />

    imagePlugin({ imageUploadHandler })